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What's a Christian Family Value Blog That's Worth Reading? Check Out In the Waiting

These days, since most of us are social distancing at home, it's the perfect time to dig into a good Christian family value blog. In the Waiting is a blog that meets this need perfectly. It's a blog written by a Christian woman that gives a personal perspective not often revealed in public. The author is a woman of deep Christian convictions who has experienced miscarriages. She shares prayerful times of worship with her husband along with many ups and downs in their struggle to build a family centered on God's Word. While the author hasn't quite achieved her goal of having a child yet, the blog does provide encouraging stories on starting a family that are super relatable and frank. Her genuine expressions of devotion to God through all of life's trials is inspiring for anyone who is struggling with infertility, miscarriage, or just simply doubting their faith in God's plan for them. But this Christian family value blog keeps hearts centered on God's goodness, grace, and the peace that He imparts to each of his sons and daughters each day, no matter what. Now is the perfect time to grab a cup of coffee or tea and read a post or two on this excellent, well-written Christian blog.