Encouragement For Adoption Waiting Process

Seeking Encouragement For Adoption Waiting Process?

It's natural to get stressed out about the waiting process of adoption and what might happen, and becoming frustrated about things you feel should be moving forward. Those seeking encouragement for adoption waiting process would be wise to turn to In the Waiting, a Christian blog written by a woman who doesn't shy away from the details of her journey. Through her blog, she provides an invaluable window on how to help keep hope in starting a family. One in three women suffers a miscarriage at some point in their lives, and the author has suffered three, but she doesn't lose faith that God will fulfill her prayer to have a child in her arms. Plenty of people are able to conceive in a snap and have healthy pregnancies, which is great, but the author of this blog isn't really speaking to them. She offers encouragement for adoption waiting process from someone who understands the hardships of the adoption process. This Christian woman is an example everyone who has experienced suffering and disappointment should read and follow. This blog's purpose is to help keeping hope in starting a family through either natural conception or the adoption process. As long as this helps one family get through the waiting period of starting a family then she knows that her faith was well placed.