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No matter what challenges you're dealing with now, it's always helpful to get some encouragement from someone who has deep convictions and Christian faith. An ideal keeping faith in God blog is In the Waiting. It's written by a Christian woman who's experienced miscarriages and understands the struggles of the adoption process from her professional background. As she prays through all the ups and downs of her daily journey to try to build a family, readers get to really see how she struggles and triumphs with her faith. While as of this writing, the author doesn't yet have a son or daughter, this motivational Christian blog inspires readers of all kinds to stay strong and trust God with our hearts' desires. Anyone who has suffered in any way will be able to relate to the author's experiences. About 1/3 of all women experience a miscarriage at some point during their lives, so learning about this experience is valuable to everyone so they can better understand and empathize with people around them who may have or will have a miscarriage. But even in moments of deep despair, God does not abandon his people. This keeping faith in God bolsters spirits and makes hearts feel encouraged. Whether reading a couple blog posts or binging them all, readers feel intrigued by the author's stories and personal feelings she shares, all with a message of faith in God's ways. Now is the perfect time to click over to In the Waiting and dive in - before you even know it, hours will have passed and your faith in God will feel strengthened in a beautiful way.