An Introduction Is Moving Forward

Life has this way of throwing things at us we never, ever expected to happen. For me, I was blindsided by the fact that I wasn’t going to have a “happily ever after” experience in family planning. Here I am, two years later, and God has called me to help other families make their dreams come true while my own are put on hold. Can you say growing experience? For sure!

An introduction is moving forward. I chose this because sometimes it’s what’s best to do; sometimes there’s no right answer. Sometimes the answer is beyond our why’s, our silent moments of mental hardship; sometimes it’s too lengthy of an answer or too complicated to be measured into words that silence from God is the only way. The silence can seem daunting at first, unattached, and distant. But given the time for healing, peace comes along with it. In the 7 months I’ve come to terms with the loss of my son, I’ve never found an answer. I never stopped missing him. I never stopped aching over the memories when I was carrying him. But what I did receive from God was strength to get up each day, a tissue each time to dry the tears, and comfort for when my heart and my mind ached too much.

In the conclusion of all of this, I’ve learned that the best thing we can do in hardship is move forward. We must trust God that all will work out for good for those who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). So, I delve to stand again in the midst of my own weakness and sorrow to hope that one day my own dreams will come true, such as your own.

It comes down to this. We all have a battle in front of us. Some of us having family planning obstacles, like you and me, and others deal with different issues. They are real, hard, and in your face every day. It’s a pain that buries itself deep inside your heart and finds a way to nag at the back of your mind every chance it gets. But it can’t stop you from reaching your destination, however you get there.  All it can do is be a burden, on obstacle that's in front of you to navigate around as you make that journey to the end.

And so, we, you and I together, seek the next steps in our journey. Some find those answers through adoption, and others by different means. For you, this journey remains hopeful as we partner together in seeking out that match you’ve been waiting for. Just remember, an introduction is moving forward. Moving forward from the pain of your past family planning difficulty and introducing yourself to hopeful new possibilities.  Because everything we want is always on the other side of fear.

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