Just Go Deeper.

Do you ever feel like time goes too slow? Probably not, most days we're so stuck in our own busyness that we forget to slow down. That's not how things are for me right now. I mean, I'm obviously busy, but what's taking most of my heart and my mind is how much I ache to have a child of my own.

I try every day to not let the thought consume me; but holding my own precious baby in my's a very consuming love and yearning as many parents know, and many parents-to-be (like myself) wish to know. I could go on about that feeling for days, but I want to stop and take a moment to cheer you on in the waiting.

His love, our Father's love, for you is so deep and so complex that there is literally no way to describe it. Even though it hurts, I want to encourage you to step further down and let Him take you deeper. He has the power to sustain you and to heal your heart from the never-ending cracks that climb through it's surface the longer you wait for that sweet heartbeat to be held against your own in the form of a warm child.

Just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other and step into the unknown. Accept that there is always a new day, a new chance for your dream, our dream, to come true. Accept that the silence is not a no, but its just a delay. And if you can't, grab my hand, and I will step down with you into the unknown and walk with you every bit of the way.

We must go deep into unknown, into waters we can't traverse, into places we can't breathe without His help in order to get to the end of the journey. And I promise you, there will be an end, and not just a final outcome--but an outcome, no matter what it is, that will bring peace and joy. Even if it's not what we expected or wanted, it will be okay. We, you and I, no matter our situation ahead of us--we can do this.

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